Info item: A magazine called Software Design features the Plurality

(an item that I wish to share with the community. Not necessarily to speak during the call)

A magazine called Software Design features the Plurality with the contribution by Hal Seki, the founder, and leader of Code for Japan. The article is published in the volume for July 2023 (

Title: “Plurality” as technology to advance democracy
Subtitle: contribution to society through skills as an engineer

The four-page article covers:

  1. what is the Plurality,
  2. the technical building blocks that are quadratic voting, quadratic funding, decentralizing mechanisms (such as DID, SBT, and VC), and AI-powered deliberation,
  3. Plurality Tokyo’s brief description and how to get involved in discord, and
  4. invitation for engineers to contribute to the Plurality related actions through his lens as a proven practitioner of civic-tech and his felt benefits of civic participation even under the preconceived notion held by many people in which individuals feel powerless in Japan.

It can be one of the “push” channels in the communication mix to reach a broader audience.

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