INFO: Social annotation reading online group the Plurality book

Having highly charged at the Plurality Tokyo hosted IRL event of January 3, a group of Japanese language speakers gathered online to read the Plurality book to explore the concepts, history of that are layed out in the book, which in turn feeds future translation and clarification. The gathering aims not only to untangle the details in the book that are challenging for readers to grasp them in high-definition, especially in case an individual is reading alone and is less informed, but also to invite them to ask and retain the questions and the feelings at the time of reading so that it will become a scaffolding fabric for future readers and machines to explain those points with more context and nuance that are often critically missing from the published materials, i.e., books, videos and blog posts. Social Hack Day #57 - Plurality和訳. The event was called by Nisho ( and held as a “Social Hack Day” event in monthly scheduled series of events that are organized by Code For Japan (シビックテックプロジェクト | 活動 | Code for Japan).