Request or discussion: how to structure the community call

As the community is growing,
#1: Could we decide on how long each agenda item can be presented and discussed after the community collects all the agenda items? I would imagine the call still needs a lot of time for in-call topics.

#2: Could we have a template of prompts (optional) that classifies the type of information or discussion like intended autidence or activity category (such as event or call for a paper) that an advocate likes to share with the community during the community call? It might also help participants to hear the shared information better due to the promoted predictability. It can be used for pre-call and in-call submission.

Of course, the two points above are not intended to eliminate spontaneous discussions and to structure the call too strictly, but to organize to allocate sufficient time for the topics that the members of the community value because I see more people started to share more pieces of great news and sometimes saw some topics might deserve more time. I do appreciate and understand the openness of the community. Otherwise, I haven’t spoken at all in the past calls.

This question starts with the text “request or discussion” because this can be decided by the discretion of the call organizers or even discussed in the call, if it is appropriate and fits into agenda. It can be a little early to talk about the priority of topics in the calls.